Friday, March 22, 2019

Sherlock Fitness: Be honest with yourself.

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Okay, it's honesty hour here at Sherlock Fitness.

How many of you started a contemporary year contemporary me regime back on January 1st?
And, how many of you still go to the gym regularly 3 months later?

Be honest with your answers and you will see the reason why you might be struggling to shed those pounds, or even the reason why you are!

Most people will have reverted back into 'normal lwhethere' at this stage- from a personal standpoint I can see this happen in genuine time, as my gym is a lot quieter than it was in January!

If you are one of the few still slogging out those late nights or early mornings, congratulations. You should have noticed your bodyshape changing and should also be feeling the positive effects of regular exercise.

If not, you need to ask the question 'why not?'.

Did you feel like you had too much to do one day and it spiralled from there?
Did you not have time?
Or were you tired after a long day at work?

These are just excuses.

Working out for an hour is just 4% of your day, and there is always time.

There is some good contemporarys however, whether you live in the UK, like myself, the clocks go forward at the weekend. Which means we will have more daylight hours available to us to train!

It is also only 3 months till summer. If you need any motivation to get into shape, certainly looking good on the beach or by the pool is reason enough?

If you are committed, 12 weeks is easily enough time to get into good shape, so what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating by reading this blog and go and push your body to its limits. Then wake up tomorrow and do it all again!


P.S. Don't be this guy...

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